Frequently Asked Questions:

Some people experience dramatic improvements very quickly and in just the first 2-3 weeks, whereas for some people it can take 8-12 weeks - it really varies person to person and on the severity of your acne. Don’t be disappointed if it does take longer, fixing the root cause is the best approach but doing it properly is not an overnight fix.

No - eventually your body will reach a point at which it is able to maintain a positive internal balance itself and stop producing too much sebum, our supplement is designed to bridge the gap between now and then so that you can have clear skin whilst you wait for that to happen.

A particular type of hormone called an androgen promotes the production of acne-causing-sebum. When your body stores up too many androgens the result, amongst other things, is an increase in sebum production which in-turn causes your acne. By helping your body to expel excess androgens we slow down the production of the sebum... hence fixing the root cause! It’s often why no matter how strict your skincare regime is your spots still keep coming back, because the root cause is internal and has very little to do with your skin at all!

Our formula is effective for all skin types. If, however, you are under the age of 18, pregnant or breastfeeding, if you have a medical condition, or are taking medications, please consult with your Doctor beforehand.

We manufacture at a GMP registered facility in Long Island, NY. 

Please consult with your Doctor before taking any supplement whilst pregnant (or planning to be).

We recommend that you always consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns about consuming our supplement alongside any others.

Whilst our supplement is 100% drug-free we always recommend you speak with your doctor before using alongside any prescription medication.

Please consult with your Doctor before taking any supplement whilst on prescription medication.

The time of day you take your capsules will not impact on their effectiveness, the key thing is to be consistent - take them every day, at the same time and with a meal.


Yes! in fact, our supplement is completely allergen free.

For some vitamins to achieve the desired/required effects you need to consume them in larger doses. The ingredients which have a dose higher than 100% RDA are, of course, completely safe to consume at those levels.

When your body starts working with the ingredients it will start to expel any build up of oil and toxins and increase cell turnover. Sometimes, this process can result in what’s lovingly known as a ‘purge’; the spots which were due to surface in a few weeks/months time are being kicked out early. This usually happens within the first 4 weeks, sometimes even within the first few days. If it does happen, stay positive because it’s a good sign that clear skin is just around the corner!

It’s not uncommon for people to experience headaches when they first start taking the capsules and can be taken as another positive indication that they are working. When your body expels excess hormones it first pushes them in to your blood stream, so that they can then be processed and ejected out in your urine. Headaches attributable to taking the capsules should themselves last no longer than 1 week. If you are concerned at any point you should discontinue taking them and speak with your doctor.

Consistency is key. The ingredients work symbiotically with your body and build up in your system overtime, missing a day can cause a delay in the process. So in just the same way you clean your face every evening, don’t forget to take your Anti Acne Club supplement every day too.

Our supplement tackles the hormonal root cause of acne and almost all acne can be classified as hormonal. But, to be sure, we also include several other ingredients to tackle acne at the surface of the skin too which is why we refer to it as a ‘full spectrum solution’. We’re extremely confident that our supplement will make an impact on all cases of common acne which is why we provide a money back guarantee. 

Each of our ingredients is individually and rigorously tested to confirm its purity, strength, safety and composition before it is used in our manufacturing process. Each batch is then tested again after manufacturing is complete, prior to us then releasing them for sale. You can, therefore, be confident that they’re safe and that what’s on the label is what’s in the capsule.

It’s because we use natural ingredients with no chemicals to mask the smell. For example, the DIM is an extract from broccoli and Brussels sprout.

Each bottle contains 60 capsules, which is a 30-day supply.